Saturday, September 03, 2011

To Hell and Back!?


  1. AnSoN, is this charec Master Kek Eng Seng, for real?

  2. Although I believe in heaven-n-hell, I do not need a preview tour to re-assure myself. If the Almighty had wanted us to experience these, He would have given us the power to do so on our own without having to go on a tour.

  3. I am not too sure myself but I do believe that there exist such wisdom , knowledge and capability to do so , just that we have not acquired nor experience the wisdom as yet. Just like simple engineering , science and mathematical theories or formulaes , if we have not studied it before , we don't know there is such thing as "wonders". If you ask me whether I believe in the wisdoms and knowledge power of the Muslim Imams , Tok Guru or the Fathers and Pastors in Christianity , the answers is YES , I do believe in their Wisdoms , Knowledge and certain powers or capability which we are yet to possess. It is just that we have not acquired such knowledge like them as yet. - AnSoN

  4. in fact sometimes we went thru' the tour unwaringly during our sleeps. we have been taken to all sorts of journey thru' our dreams at sleep. - AnSoN

  5. Talking about wisdom and knowledge... I was told a story about a certain Tok Guru from Kelantan. At certain time of the year this man will go into the deep forest and will come out with bags full of notes.

    About Heaven, Hell and Paradise; tell me if anyone (in the whole world) had been to such place or had dreamed of the place.

  6. In Islam, the teachings say: If we had seen any heaven in this world, it is not the real heaven yet, if we had seen / visioned / shown hell, it isn't the real hell yet.

    Another thing is that when you crossed over to the next world, there's no returning point. When we died, we all have regrets. The good have regrets of not doing better, after they had seen the rewards of good deeds. The bad one regrets that they did bad things when they see the "rewards" of bad deeds. They will ask to be returned to this world for a day to do good things.

    Our journey has 4 worlds, the first is when the soul in put into our body in our mother's womb, the second is this world, where we do our deeds, the third is in the grave, where it is already a reflection of our deeds whether it is a piece of heaven or a piece of hell, and finally the forth, the final world, where we will e judged and given the rewards.

    There are reports, where people saw hell and feel the torture during coma, but I believe what they saw and felt is not the real hell yet. Even though it was not like a dream, as they could still feel the heat where it was burnt, eg, the hand, for weeks or months after that, because it was said even a spark from the hell fire will destroy this whole current world.

    And there will come Dajal, who will claim he is God, those who follow him will be put in his heaven, those who deny him will be put into his hell, but those who is in his heaven will be in hell in the 4th world, and those who is in his hell will be in heaven in the 4th world.

    That is what I was taught, and that is what I believe. ( on the deeds, however, I am still far from heaven and still have a lot more to do , tsk , tsk )

  7. Zulshah bro, God has an angel [and syaitan] in each one of us in the form of our conscience. We ourselves decide our actions and our conscience will not lie to us [whether what we did is right or wrong].

    "Good-begets-good, evil-begets-evil" will be a good reminder in our lives. Our unconditional believe in the Almighty will make our choices easier.

    Have a pleasant Sunday.

  8. The hell is not a simple place as we thought.

    So as heaven is not so simple that, anyone can go up.

    But I would rather leave it the day, when my time is up in the human realm, and judge whether I'm suppose to go up or down.

    Forget about what you are expecting, as the real meaning is the journey here.

    It is meaningful, righteous, honest, fair and decent.

    You ask yourself!

  9. Some of my friends ask why I drive for 10 hours [covering about 700km] to Trang [Thailand] just to eat the roast pork and pork sausage and kampung chicken rice. Don't we have these goodies in Malaysia?

    Like what limbilly said, it is the journey that is most enjoyable [the outcome is secondary]. Learn from the PAST, target what we want for the FUTURE and live TODAY as the most important mission in our life-journey.

  10. wahhhh , now we have so many versions and explanations coming forth , good indeed , we share from different understandings and different wisdoms about life now and after. Like what Billy says , I too believe in different Realm of Lives. Let's enjoy the Realm of Life now and do GOOD ALWAYS so that we get rewarded in the life after as Abang Zul puts it. But personally , I would like to do whatever is GOOD NOW and FOREVER and not think of any rewards , if it comes , it comes and I would like to share with my fellow Bros and Sis. - AnSoN

  11. Bro AnSoN,

    You got the right idea