Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Heroes? You got to be kidding....

Few weeks ago, we heard that 'everyone' was in tensed when 'someone' said that 'someone' was a hero when they are just a communist who killed a lot of civillian. I'm not saying that I'm supporting the communist but are we in the right to comment when we have the power to do 'something'? But instead, we are 'barking' at others that they are insulting the fallen heroes but at the back, are we better? All the hoo-haa of how the heroes had sacrificed their lifes for us and this is how they are treated? Sickening disappointing and such a the 'one' who went live on tv...shame on 'you'!

Bkt Kepong cemetery (source: Malay Mail)

Family members of Jamil springkling water on his grave. Part of the collapsed wall rests on top of the grave (source: Malay Mail)

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  1. It seems the "accused as communist" was once the student of dumb p*k# mak (dpm)'s father and had even asked for the hand of his elder sister. now was he taught to be one communist by the teacher ? - AnSoN