Friday, September 16, 2011

Sequence of Leaders

I came across a few leaders in this sequence
1. First one inherited Freedom which was given without a fight but glorified as freedom fighter that gave us
    the nation today , anyhow a better and most liberal leader who has the compassion of his people at heart.

2. Someone claimed that he allowed the incited clash among different groups with his cohorts to overthrow
    his predecessor who is his boss too. ( Back Stabing loh ). Is he not considered as collaborating with
    the barred idealogy since he visited the big country that practices this type of governance , during his
    tenure as leader ?

3. The once thrown out by the first leader but taken back during the 2nd's gain of power who eventually
    inherited the helm when this 2nd Tuan died untimely. Now this 3rd leader is the most crooked that caused
    disparity and most disintegration among the populations. Retired but still as active as ever to also caused
    the downfall of his successor whom he groomed and passed down his helm to.

4. Considered the most stupid one who sleeps thru' most of his sessions. Given many promises to his
    people but did not make it happen. A liberal person and weak to the cause of his downfall despite the
    first big win to subsequent downtrend of popularity and being forced out of office.

5. The next generation of 2nd leader whom also has the blood like the father. Too many speculations on his
    involvementes in scandals including explosives , military scandals , continuation of 2nd chapter famous
    scandolous case of his opponent similar to the one during the 3rd leader's tenure. Many sweet promises
    of transformations and still going on , you may be convinced , I am CERTAINLY NOT.

6. Potential and upcoming new leader whom is his race first and nation 2nd which is in conflict with what
    his current boss preaches as nation first. Also another stupid and extremely biased person who is no
    good if we allow the continuation of this inheritance.

     No Worry no more ISA but can still go in thru' many other means.


  1. Who do you think is capable to take over the camp?

    ISA will be gone but ALI is in waiting!

  2. you missed one.

    upcoming one should be no.7

  3. their supreme 'culprits' members will eventually choose the best of all dogs...

  4. ...among the thieves, the beggar is king......... all are scums of society who think of their own personal financial benefits only..this is Politik-1Malaysia-Bolih... sigh!!