Friday, September 16, 2011

More Liberty for Malaysians

The announcement made by the Prime Minister of Malaysia regarding the repeal of the ISA and two other Emergency Laws may appear very appealing as it would be the start of an era of more freedom for Malaysians.
However, with the track record of flip-flopping and about turns in many of the things he had announced in the past, it is very difficult for me and many other Malaysians to place our hopes on what he said in his Message to Malaysians on Malaysia Day.

The second thing about the licensing of the press, here we see a welcome change and renewal of license for publication of the news media need not be done annually.  However, the Home Minister still holds the power to suspend and cancel the license of a newspaper should he feel that they are publishing something that is not suitable for the security or well being of the nation.  This is not acceptable and should not be part of his role!  If news publishers break the law of the nation, they should be dealt with by the law not a man with wide powers!

Please note that there will be laws enacted to replace the ISA.  How draconian will these laws be?  We have yet to see!  To me, what is announced is but the sugar coating that so many of us longed for, but inside, the BN government wants to retain the bitter pill!


  1. Simply... just a gimmick.

    As usual when election is around the corner there will be goodies and promises thrown around.

  2. The rakyat knows its is not the changes themselves but the fact that we are sick of this bloody government. Do you think a single filmsy announement on TV can change his fortune? It's already too late!

  3. retain the draconian law so that it can be used against the perkosa chief , previous hm and current hm , let them taste the pills themselves.

  4. TALK BIG, anyone can.

    A thief who doesn't steal for one day will not automatically become a saint.

  5. They will take away ISA, and replace it with "ISO" or some $h!t like that...

    All these goodies is good, hope it lasts. Like the Python - our Gov has a tendancy to 'vomit' out what they swallow.

  6. I'm bot so sure about that TT326C. Malaysians are 'suckers' for free gifts, discounts and 'recency effect'.

  7. One more thing, without ISA, some tyrants can come out and play. Eitherway they get what they want. I will not be suprised if the "oppositions" are the ones to appeal that ISA is reinstatted in the near future, like after the election.

    Buckle up, we will get to see planet of the apes right on our own soil.

  8. There are only 2 countries in South East Asia that has been severely threatened by terrorism but terrorist act has been effectively prevented; that is Malaysia and Singapore.

    ISA is one of invaluable tools to prevent the spread of anarchism, terrorism, fanaticism and to counter suspected terrorist activist both inside and from outside the country. So if this piece of invaluable Act will be abolished the government will be doing stupid thing. The government will not be able to curb future terrorist happening effectively.

    Look at those countries which do not have this kind of Emergency Ordinance. There are racial strife, street demonstration, bombing, indiscriminate killing and chaos almost daily.

    People are no more afraid of the police or army. They have very little respect towards their government which made them become unstable and couldn't govern effectively. Anything the government said and does were considered wrong, not good, bias, one-sided, and so on and so on.

    The good thing is Malaysia is catching up fast towards this end… bravo!

  9. Before election "rakyat do hahulukan" - after election with more than 2/3 victory "rakyat di hukumkan".

    If we do not want this to happen again-n-again, tell it to them in the next GE. Let us wake up and tell ourselves that we have made the wrong choices for half-a-century and that we have enough of this.