Monday, September 05, 2011

HM to meet families offended by remarks

Wah , what a caring Home Monister we have ???? Caring enough to meet families of the "offended" by the remarks about the past ???? Well , will he be kind enough to meet me and many more families who'd been offended by his own remarks he made many years ago about bathing my Chinese blood with his keris ???? I feel offended and so are the many who felt threatened by his remarks and his dear cousin's remark too during their assemblies. I am also called as Pendatang and I am damn offended , so are the many like me. So will he be caring enough to meet me and the many to explain ???? I will give him a tight slap and ask him to shut up and go to hell. Niamah leh. - AnSoN

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  1. Ya, never trust these bastards. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. The moment you let slip, they'll devour you whole. Beware!