Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We are asked not to twist history wohhh

We were asked not to twist history by our leaders wohhh. OK , I did not score that good in my history during my LCE and MCE I don't take history anymore as I was in the science stream then. but from the many history books of my kids I can see that all are indroctinated with our gomen's version of histroy , that's rite , histroy amd not history , twisted lah in this case.

I don't remember much about history but I am sure what happens today will go down good in our history hundred years to come , if we still exist as a nation to tell 3 or more generations to come. let's hope the history of today about the mongolian lady who got murdered and blasted with explosives only the exclusive have access to not be twisted and changed. let's hope that the story behind her muder due to some deal on military purchase turned sour also not be twisted. let's hope the death due to "suicide" from the 14th floor due to a meagre 2.4K corruption witness and the sodomee case not be twisted too. - AnSoN


  1. In the past historical memos were written by academics and people who witnessed the happenings first hand. There was no hidden agenda and most of the incidents were more accurate and truthful.

    But today we can just RE-WRITE and modify them for the benefit of a certain previleged group. With borderless access to info from various [unbiased] sources, it is easy to detect the fraud.

  2. Malaysia has donkey history, where everything's there except the truth. The facts are distorted to suit the ruling government but then again, what do you expect from a bunch of clowns and barbarians.

  3. Wait... one day the 'rakyat' will get fed up and become hysterical towards the government; then all else will just be his story.

    My ancestors are Headhunters; don't you dare to rewrite history and called them boarhunters!

  4. ya, you are NOT suppose to twist 'His' story, BUT you can twist your very own 'story'.

    Everyone has a right to twist 'his' very own 'story'.

  5. Not only the History books are edited and modified, they even doctor Mosque scripts. 90% of the Mosque's 'Kutbah' are scripted, twisted, adjusted, modified, add Ketchup.

    No wonder 70% of Bersih 2.0 were Malays.

    Patrick, were are there - just waiting to errupt. The script he read on Raya speech was so nice, yet the other half is screwing around with an RM25 million diamond ring...

  6. Btw., I just noticed madam Lakshmiregu, Cheaman, LimBilly, Sdalee & Ethancwn had signed-in.

    Wow, I'm so happy the CB's are here. Looking forward to read from them - anything please!

  7. Warm welcome to Lakshmiregu, Cheaman, LimBilly, Sdalee & Ethancwn, and all others.

    Blow your tops!

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  9. The danger of twisted history is that we learned the wrong lesson. Thus will lack in preparedness.