Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey ibrahim ali Where Are youuuuu ?

PM announced that bumi quota will go and affirmative actions should be based on meritoCRAZY. I say , hey , ibrahim ali , where are you. you are the one that makes the loudest noise whenever the position of the malays are challenged , in this case the quota lah. challenge lah the pm on article 153 , special position of the malays in the article lah ??? the poor malays deserved aids but not the rich cronies.


  1. Malaysian politics is like a trip to the jungle., lots of wild animals and all types of creatures.

    We have a retarded frog from Jelop-pang, a monkey from Kena-batang-ngang, a big-nosed creeping specie for the Pearl-of-d-Orient and lots of double-headed snakes.

    For sure, this one win hands down! But I thank him for his biased racial outbursts that have driven many fence-sitters to vote opposition. We need more like him to achieve 1Malay-sia.

  2. what 'aids' are you talking about...Anson bro..?