Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Someone' said "Polls do not always reflect people's opinion" wor....

When the elders said 'take the good ones and remove the bad ones'....but it seems like this cant be applied here. This is more like 'take the good ones and deny the bad ones'....apa ni? Why we kept twisting stuff to our liking......accept it with an open heart...if u have one.....haiii.....


  1. In olden times, the bad ones always under the bottom of the Bakul/Basket/Bags.

    Now the modern days, the rotten ones are on the top of the hills.
    The aristrocrat/special bred family from Kedah and Pahang, will lead by default.

    It is an empire and legacy of cronyism/nepotism of greatest ways.

    Those who do not obeys, will sent to rot in prisons. By front or by rear, they will hook it to you.

    So is why, by the modern default, pick the good ones and deny the bad ones.

    But remember, no matter how small we felt, the truth/the religious/the respect/the honest will prevails against the Thieves/Murderer/Robbers/Liars.

    By any faith, we know what is right and what is wrong.

    So God/Tuhan/whatever you name in your language or religion, please save Malaysia from the hands of Tyranny.

  2. On the eve of ‘Hari Raya’ my family and I was watching on TV our PM’s ‘Raya & National Day’ deliberation. My daughter picked up the part when PM mentioned that Malaysian Governments good economic management had prevented us from facing crisis such as in USA.

    My daughter asked how bad is in the US and I explained what I know. But assured her that despite job lay-offs and selling off their assets, life still goes on as glamorous as it can be in the USA.
    I added that the life and our standard of living could have been better, just like when you watch those American movies and dramas if not for our corrupted government.

    How so she asked? I explained that what you hear from our Government most of the time are lies, deceptions and often offers their voters of false gifts. Our Government burns billions through grafts. Malaysia is way behind Singapore - ranked third in the world as “Very Clean” while Malaysia is somewhere in between “Very Clean” to “Highly Corrupt” (Transparency International).

    She then asked what is in between very clean to highly corrupt? I said “Corrupted”. If all those money from corruption, extract the lavish lifestyle of the Politicians (whom use not their own money) and false economic policies are channeled back to our economy, our living standards can be much better. I told her that I could have bought a better house with better rooms for her for the price I paid for the ones we have now. I can buy her a very good Notebook with just under 2k, buy a better car at half the price, don’t have to pay for toll plaza and go on holiday every year. And we surely can afford to fly too.

    She asked what we need to do to have all that. To which I replied, “Get rid of him and his wife and anything in blue...”

    Am I a good father or what?

  3. Ali, I say you're a good father but you'll be a better leader if you'll be color blind.

  4. well, getting rid of him will be replace by another one. in the end, we'll kept being screwed.

  5. oty3w, this Both-Ends party are run by two-headed-snakes. They have to eliminate even their own leader for their own survival. One day they embrace you and call you abang, the next moment you are stabbed in the back., animal instinct?