Monday, September 12, 2011

Malaysians & Their Cars!?

One of my my first long winded hilarious e-book. Last posted in CB in 2009. Woody San loved it at that time. Apart from that a copy has been just sitting idle on my hard drive waiting for virus attack. I figured why waste a good imagination, put it up somewhere to be downloaded. It may save somebody's life.

So here it is, click on the post title to download copy, share with anyone and have a good laugh.


  1. oh yes, everytime you find that you get down from the wrong side of your bed, and you don't feel good, try reading it again, and the sun will shine for you that whole day.

  2. Fantastic Woody San, can used your quote on my next edition?

  3. yeah yeah Pat bro and Ali.
    yes you can quote all that you want, for more punch try reading my post 'Did you pull your hair today?' at, you'll be even more amazed...hohoho

  4. Aisayman! after so long only you surface to continue sharing with us. Though all of us have our own blogs [mine is "DIY" and "i-say-u-say"], let us make VOM our main blog page for our daily routine in place of CB

  5. If you (any) have a blog or website you may share the link with us here so that we can make a visit and drop a line.

    In here 'advertisement' is allowed.