Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Community Chest of Malaysia

The Community Chest of Malaysia is a charity foundation founded by the generous group of local tycoons with an initial fund of RM100million to assist and boost the quality of education for the Chinese and Indian schools. The funds will be provided thru the gaming Company, Pan Malaysians Pools Sendirian Berhad. Thanks to the kind gesture of these kind tycoons, who truly have the welfare of fellow Malaysians at heart, there appear a glint of hope for the non-Muslims of this country. After 54 years of rule, and as the situation deteriorates every day, there is a common agreement that we do not expect such consideration from the ruling government.

My abhorance still stands that helping the Malays certainly does not mean discriminating or stifling the advancement of the other communities, especially in education. We have the capacity to realise that a sack of rice will only last a season but learning to farm can last us a lifetime. Education is the ultimate tool to lead us through life.

So hail the tycoons for the golden gesture. They are the true Malaysians that walk tall!


  1. sure enough, tt bro.

    imagine if you have a few sons/daughters, you only choose one to get proper education, the rest deprive of education.

    it just means, you are depriving yourself competence compared with the outside world .

    The outside world is actually laughing all the way, looking at how our leaders depriving the country of future prospects.

    Makes it easier for the outside world to "Eat US', right?

  2. This goes to show that the Chinese & Indian Boleh. Yes they have the money; both from their gaming businesses.

    What about the Malay? They do not have gaming business but they have Class A, B, C, D, E, F... Z license.

    Other races? The Dayak 'makan gaji' saja.