Monday, September 26, 2011

15Million for 15 Chinese School in Penang

Wahhh , that's good man.

After seeing that our blog site seem to be very quiet , I might as well post something here for discussion purpose. Our PM came to Penang to give out 5000 bicycles to form IV students participating in the ride and in conjunction with that , RM15 million was handed out to 15 Chinese Schools in Penang , what a good deed indeed. Should've done this long time ago lah , bro , why only now and I am not at all excited although I would say it is Good indeed , better late than never. There are still many schools in dilapidated condition and they also need fund , particularly my Alma Mater in Nibong Tebal . I say , dear PM , why not fork out more of your money and donate or the fund that has been given out as commission for the purchase of submarines ???? or even sell of one or two of the handbags rosmah has been carrying around , I think that should help alot.

My wife read me the news in Kwong Wah Jit Poh ( as I don't read Mandarin ) and I saw some of the big pictures in the paper , KTK at one time was cycling beside PM and another , he disappeared. Apparently he fell somewhere along the ride , probably knocked down by some riders in Yellow T shirts. And yes correct , there are riders in Yellow T shirts , particularly CM and his secretary and some other members. What a mischievous act , hoh ????? if I were to take part , I will also wear all YELLOW , including pants and underwear. One funny part in the paper was the remark by CM , I did not push KTK during the ride hoh!!!!

Hope more rides will come and more hand outs as election is around the corner , but please lah , don't use our public fund , please use the fund from your cronies or your proceeds from the gemstones or the many handbags. - AnSoN


  1. 15 million for 15 chinese school. ie 1 million for i chinese school.

    don't u think, every school in Penang should be entitled to the fund. Equally share. (1Malaysia School). or it will annouce later another 15 mill for 15 Tamil school, another 15 mil for Malay School.... another x mill for Thai school. Woh! if work out like that, Penang Schools will be very rich. Who will be spending the money (my taxed money or yours), i wonder..

  2. That's a carrot each... as election goodies!

  3. Sorry my comment below is not related to the above post.

    Much has been discussed about hudud recently. Hudud mean you'll be cut at the hood when you commit certain crime. Be careful hah!

  4. Bro PatrickJB. as Indonesia is consider a Muslim country, do they practise Hudud. if there is, are the rapist be cut at the hood. what about other muslim country ,like in middle eastern.. have u really come across such thing.

    in history, i have read about eunuch in oldern China. n they are running around without the third leg. What about the woman on hudud law? Pls enlighten me. Tx
    i hope bro A2zee can also have a lot of DIY business then .. hahaha ... joke of d Day. THX

  5. Huh! Throwing the rakyats' money to save his own skin! Can anyone imagine what will become of him and cronies should the Opposition takes over the Government!

    KTK-the phor lum par khek! If Najib falls, he'd definitely lunge to cushion the fall. He is Najib's ball-licker.

  6. walao weh, 10 yrs ago my school was struggling to raise RM500k for a new school building. and guess what? we managed to raise rm60k and the building was never materialised even until now. guess what? najis was the Ministry of Education at that time.......

  7. Bawang Putih@garlic, for you to know more than 90% of Indonesian is Muslim. The irony is they do not want/to declare that Indonesia is an Islamic country. Hence Indonesia is not officially recognized as such.

    Malaysia is officially an Islamic country.

  8. patrick bro, why you worry they cut off your hood?

    unless you have intention to commit certain crime lor.