Friday, September 16, 2011

Flip Flop King

Nazri Aziz, the loud-mouthed Law Minister in PM's Department at his best again. It gives one the creeps how a senior Minister can goofed unabashly.

At one point, he did not believe that the Police use the Emergency Ordinance (EO) on petty thefts.

"If it is true, I am surprised. The EO is meant for hardcore criminals; not for petty thefts like stealing motorbikes. I don't think the Police are using it on petty thefts. Prove me wrong!" he challenged.

After the Police explained that they indeed do use the EO on petty crimes, Nazri admitted and turntailed and ate his own words. That ignorant and shameless creature.

"I understand their (Police) difficulty. It is not for me to tell them how to go about their business. It's tough for me as a lawyer but I believe the Police know what they are doing."

And that's that! No decision of his own and he is supposed to be the nation's Law Minister!

I think Malaysia is a country ruled by clowns but why choose fools to rule us?


  1. their kind , as usual, always so genetically susceptible to 'eating their own words' , OFF AND ON.

    otherwise how to live up to the name of Malaysia Boleh?

    1Malaysia is No 1 in everything, everything unimaginable, literally.

  2. Bro tt326c for all you know Malaysia is ruled by someone wearing a 'CROWN'.

    Better you use "Champ" picture!

  3. this clown is asking the whole taxi drivers in malaysia to be 'chum chai' (whistle blower) too. but problem driver tarak guna meter, if the accused told this to the court, any actions on them? or just tutup satu mata...mana boleh ni? both also got 'tung kiok' leh? somemore mr clown....if one can bribe, sure can buy car la...if one can receive bribe, sure can buy car la. else, buat apa bribe? send this clown to get his head fixed from PMR level to a Masters level.........seriously, tot he is different but still...a typical kampung boy politician who just wan to have some front page

  4. ......another loyar bu-look... and TCK [talk-cock-king]... that's all we get from these cheap village politicians..

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