Friday, September 09, 2011

We were never Colonised by the British

Of late there has been many arguments and counter arguments after another ever since the name Mat Indera came into lite from the speech by Mat Sabu. Now , they even argue that Malaya was never colonised by the Brits back then ????? So why the hack we shout Merdeka and our history books have been shouting independence from the Brits for 54 years ?????
The Prof's council said that the leftist were not independence fighter but traitors , including that the CPM were not fighting for independence from the Brits but fighting to establish Republic of Malaya. They claimed that the CPM's are traitors with intent to unseat malay rulers and also fighting the Japs out of anger and feeling humiliated by the Japs attack on China in1937 - 1945.
Niamah leh , I am so confused now ?????? AnSoN


  1. These fickle-minded a$$#()!es change history and everything else like changing underwear. Everyday different story.

  2. Now I know why not many people don't have the spirit to celebrate independence day, there's nothing to celebrate in the first place. So what was the concern in the first place?

  3. For all you know you can't correct/change the past. The past is history.

    However you may chart the future to your liking.

  4. We are not colonized, please.

    We just outsource the management and administration of the nation to British for a couple or hundred of years.

    Don't believe, technically Penang was leased and outsourced to Sir Francis Light, due to the fact Kedah Sultanate has no practical use of Penang.

    In Johor, the Southern tip Island were a piece of wasteland to Johor Sultanate. So outsourcing it to British were a good policy of wasting cost to maintain it.

    But one small mistake, all the Rulers fail to indemnify themselves, if Management changes, must return to them. Instead it end-up others managing it forever.