Monday, September 19, 2011

Are you sure this is a mouse trap ??

It is routine for me and my family members to glance at the mouse trap whenever we are in the car porch [to see if we caugnt any tikus]. The catch success rate is about one-mouse-a-week., and today was one of those "lucky days".......

yup!...another catch..



Hey!.....wait a minute....

My eyes must be playing tricks on me....

Aisayman!...............ini bukan tikus la....

Today caught two birds instead of the rat.
These are members of my wake-up call choir.
I think they are "telling" me to build the bird house and bath on my male mango tree [satu biji mango pun tadak] which I have been thinking about. Wow!...they can read my mind [real scarry].

Okay, I'll build them [hopefully by this week]

Meanwhile, off you go and don't try this trick on me again.
I love you guys.


  1. Thanks, bro, for releasing d birds, thus giving them d freedom to multiply and giving you bigger volume in d wake-up call!

  2. "free-as-a-bird" is how i live my life. I will never harm these wonderful birds that sing to me every day. Right now I do not feed them and they go out cari makan the whole day and return in the evenings [especially rainy days] and spend the night under my car porch.

    I must reward them by building a birdhouse c/w bath on my mango tree. Any one can give me some ideas and specs of such bird houses will be much appreciated. I intend to build it in between the branches of the mango tree and within hand reach height so that changing the water in the dish is easy. It will be covered and my buddy-birds can sleep there instead of under my car porch.

  3. luckily you don't treat them like what your Viet friends do to dogs..

  4. woody,

    I like your comment...

  5. Do you all have face book accounts? The staronline has the discussion section, but it is not used as CB. Do you want to try?

  6. Hi lakshmiregu

    Thanks for the tip. I think bloggers were not so happy with CB because of the censorship and delay in publishing comments [especially on Saturdays].,the reason is because the moderators are just "helping out" part-time and not paid for this.

    But we all know that the real reason for closing CB is because of many anti-govt comments and govt bashing. The Star belongs to MCA, a crony of BN so CSL have no choice but to please their "boss".

    We are hoping that VOM can continue to be like CB and allow every blogger to have their say. We are not anti-govt., we are anti-BAD-GOVT.

  7. Oh yeah you're right we are not anti-government; we're anti-bad legislators, bad policies and bad governance.

  8. Bro NGH - use old coconut husk with the shell removed , cut a small hole and tie up the husk together such that inside is hollow and the sparrows will love to build nest in the hollow inside.

    Lakshmiregu - all GFrenz members have FB account and a group has been set up - AnSoN

  9. Thanks for your suggestion, AnSon bro. Actually I wanted to build a small wooden house with the back wall made of clear acrylic sheet. I want to see how they live inside the house. You think they will still go into the house when they see that the back wall is transparent? This is another of my DIY project.. and I intend to find out.

    I will also make a coconut husk house and put it beside the c-tru-house., and see which house they choose.

  10. Yes, You are right, ngguanhuah and Anson. My humble suggestion is, if you participate in the staronline, you may promote this website as well, after all a media, which has large readers population may indirectly promote this website.

    It is nice to read your blogs, but many of comments were not posted earlier, because I did not follow the right procedure.

    Hi patrickjb, Best of luck to you and our friends here. Keep it up...

  11. A2zeee, i h've posted a comment yesterday noon (20/9). it does not appear here. Is there a moderator on this blog or some thing that is not acceptable. Thx


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    However, I already noticed that a few comments were in the 'SPAM' folder and were immediately published. I do not want to do some moderation as I felt we are matured enough and above average bloggers, and not to write something that will invite ISA.

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    Welcome to all and may you have a pleasant day always.

  13. You're welcome lakshmiregu. Show me what you have...:)))

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  15. Thx again bro A2zee, the earlier post that does not appear was used under oName/url --- Garlic. However, when i use OAnonynous, it appear immediately.
    Ok , i try again.
    Regards to rats, i observe that many parts of the country have huge rats( size of grown-up kittens) running around town. in Taiping,Png, JB, PJ...these rats are no longer those rats of years back.( small size and very takut2) there are NOT scare and daring. i once took a picture of these rats sharing food with a cat by the longkang in Damasara Jaya. 20/20, 40/60. no more 05/05. last 50/50
    maybe they grown to these huge size
    that go hand in hand with the time as many of our goons also grown fatter n fatter.

  16. Hi, bro A2zee. i think it is not advisable to build a bird nest using transparent sheeting, Birds have tiny brains but the are very powerful. see how they look for food for their offsprings n build their nest. i dont think man-make nest are better than them. ok, come back to the sheeting, would u like to live in a transparent house? your privacy? Yes, the are birds. Let them build themself,be natural n nature. i have experienced -a nest (with an egg )was built among my garden plants. i try to be good placing more potted plants around the area. The mother bird was seen at distance n never returned to the nest. i was so sad.. i can figure out 1) the bird might think is another place. 2) the area might be in danger zone. 3)if it is danger zone, 1 capture is better than 2.
    Tiny brains in the bird is better than our goons with big head, big brains -- the "Dep"--always TC. u can observe ever since taking up position, grown fatter n fatter esp the brain in the Head. TQ, a2ze, no offend about the sheeting.

  17. Thank you Garlic for your sharing. This format I am using now is easier. I will try using Anonymous and see what the result is.

    Yeah, you are right about the bird house. I will try the coconut-husk type first and put bird seeds in it. Hope they will come and live in my mango tree.

  18. After-work-dinner in Lahad Datu [Sabah] was in town pasar malam which is walking distance from the hotel.

    As usual, the area with many food stalls have many cats... that is not surprising. But sometimes you cannot tell the difference whether they are cats or rats. Yup, the sewer rats are as big as cats.