Saturday, September 03, 2011

TV cameraman killed in Somalia

When it was first started, it was some 'boys' wet dream to do something good for the war torn country but thinking things were easy and without planning (as usual) cost a man's life. I do not think that this was a mission to help the people there but more likely to get a political mileage in return. Sadly, this has cost a life........if you are so keen to do greater things for humanity, you should just do more than just giving out 'others' money while others doing ur job, just get your butt off the chair and be part of it.

It is great to see our people doing the humanitarian work but sending them to a war torn country? And at the same time, most thought that they are just on a field trip to a poor country, it would be either you're mad or your brain went cuckoo. Before they left, all does not seems to see the danger ahead and I guess no one was briefed about this.

I'm not saying we should not do a humanitarian job, but do it as one...not a publicity trip with TV crew and etc. How the 'boy' can sleep at night now.......


  1. Some die in NS camps after being made to run fast, climb hills, rope walk, and other commando stunts - when they have not even learn how to swim. LG will tell you all that it takes months of conditioning before she climbed Mt Kinabalu - and it is not even a war-torn zone.......

  2. Proper planning, Investigative check, systematic analysis or environment verification, were never been a practise by our good leaders at Wisma Putra or Putrajaya.

    When some shit or some death happens, then they realized ooops we did it again.

    No doubt there are journalist killed in cross fires, but honestly base on the average exposure and coverage by CNN/BBC/CNBC or etc, the Bernama team is just covering a small fragment and already ended-up with some one dead.

    Basically, they do not have the right contacts and insights who is in charge is Somalia an unrecognized warlord and genocidal land run by robbers.

  3. Journalists sent to war-torn countries are a special breed of PROFESSIONALS. They are trained in survival skills which MUST include extensive knowledge of situations [what-where-why] and some personally rubbing shoulders with presidents, rebel leaders, druglords [or even Osama and Sadam].

    In our case, we sent a rombongan of party-goers c/w TV coverage and all the self-praise propaganda. I am not against sending relief personnel [like Mercy Malaysia], but please get them properly trained physically and mentally before they take on this difficult [unpredictable] task.

    Let us learn from this lesson and may the soul of the departed find joy and peace with the Almighty. And syabas to the rest of the team members - what you all did shows how unselfish and caring you all are.

  4. But I amazed, dumbfounded to hear that only now, only now in the year 2011 did they realized such journalists should be provided with a BULLET PROOF VEST !?

  5. Ali bro, they expected red-carpet welcome [same as d famed astro-nut] - not bullets. They have not seen an elephant shit before!

  6. Not only they must wear bullet proof vest but also bringing along water proof plastic sheaths. Just in case of emergency!