Monday, September 26, 2011

sure boh?

"Materialistic society paying a high price for choosing status over their needs" refer The Star.....are we referring to the 'badak' who crave for diamond bangles and designer handbags bought from our money? I guess so.......but the title should be "Society is paying the high price for choosing a materialistic 'hippo' who thirst (lol, not that Thirsty Hippo that we bought for 'sucking' moisture') for lavish stuff"


  1. this hippo knew how to ride bicycle, smash cock...i mean shuttlecock and of course, a big crave for a zebra patterned diamond bangle. u'll be amazed how she can talk too.......

  2. actually, only stupid people will hand 'stones' around their neck, or wear stones around their fingers, and call it 'gems'.

    this is a term invented by the westerners to swindle our money, and walaueh, Malaysians mostly stupid enough to fall for it?

    so proud to wear stones meh?

    or is it because, the hippo is so ugly , have to use some stones to hide the horrendous outlook?

    good also lar, otherwise can cause people to have nightmares lar..

  3. I would'n touch her with a ten-foot-pole even if she is the only woman on earth. One look at her witch face, the ngang is gone. As another fellow male, I feel real sorry for najis., which is why even beauties from the cold wild mountain are much better - with lots of EXPLOSIVE-HEAT.

  4. ............casting pearls to the swine.......