Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Myths (and Negative Mindsets to Avoid)

The Idea of “Right Time, Right Place” Not true! That would be true if you get lucky to strike cupid in one meeting for your entire life. Then, the mathematical construct would make sense that you have to be in the right time at the right place. 

Forget about right time right place – it doesn’t exist! You create your place and you create your time through what you’re doing. It’s not about getting your foot in the door or meeting a person and them giving you an opportunity. Doesn’t exist. Does. Not. Exist. 

As an example, nobody is going to sign you at a record company anymore – they’re not in the business of building an artist from scratch anymore. You got to bring them what you already have. A good tuned-song! One of our residents VOM Mr. Ng AKA Thomas has good voice; his favorite song is “Aku Tak Biasa”

P.S. The original Singer “Aku Tak Biasa” was Alda Risma Elfariani.

 (Born in Bogor, West Java, 23 November 1982 – she died of suspected drug overdose in a Jakarta Hotel, 12 December 2006 age 24) 


  1. Terima kasih abang PJb. Yes, this is one of my favourite Indonesian songs. Another one I like... something like this..."my right hand got honey - my left hand got poison .. and I like to put my hands on your ponggung...". Post it if you can find a good original copy.

  2. Thanks bro for "aku tak biasa". I notice you reset the margins of VOM page. It is too wide for my monitor.

  3. The standard flat monitor screen size (minimum) is now 1360x768. This blog page fits in exactly.

    Bro what kind of monitor you're using?

  4. I am using LG Flatron L1953S with dimensions 300mm height x 375mm width effective area. It is quite big and I can view all other internet pages completely without having to adjust the width.

    Anyway I try again if I can do the adjustment on my side.