Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Woody-invincible bro, your prayers are answered.
In memory of CB [RIP], I will post some of the fotos I shared there.

These are the first three fotos posted on 15 July 2007. They are the wonderful children from Garhi Habibullah, Pakistan [where I was involved in the construction of a relief hospital]. FYI, the mountainous northern region was hit by an earquake in 2005 which destroyed many buildings and claimed many lives.

We stayed at the site and these children will come and kacau us after work. Talking and playing with them was a great way to divert our minds from the misery of the almost-destroyed village.

The "rascals" of the village. The one [2nd from left] with the kungfu kick, I call him "Garhi-Taikor" [he is the leader of the pack].

Osman [left] runs a burger stall with his worker [I called him Michael Jackson and he was thrilled]. In spite of his brother perished in the quake and father with a broken leg and half the house damaged, he allowed us to stay on the top [flat-roof] floor and we slept in UNHCR tents.

I sure miss these children and hope that they are well.


  1. yes, u r right. As a reader of the "CB", a lot of interesting n info n pictures are "kept????" how nice if that is folder for us the readers to relieve n to review.

    Thx for the wonderful n beautiful pics. esp those in Amazing Thais- Smile. Khun Kup..

  2. Thank you ANONYMOUS for your encouragement. If you were an ex-CB why don't you join us and contribute posts and comments. PatrickJB and us really want to keep Citizen's Blog-2 alive to serve all of us.

  3. Thx again for the invitation as i had mentioned that i'm a reader. anyway will contribute to what's going on. funny stuff, real happenings, As for politics -- there will be never ending but time will tell.. Hidup Malaysian -- Happy Malaysia Day to all.

    Btw, base on the membership of VOM, i also wonder how many of the readers or bloggers aware of this wonderful sites. Hip, hip horray to u, Bapak JB, Gang Gfrenz n others..

  4. Thank you Garlic for getting onto our band wagon [going to be another "Sgt.Pepper's Heart Club Band-Beatles]. Yes, politics [never-ending-sandiwara] aside, let us just share the other wonderful things in our lives and learn from one another.

    I agree with you that not many CB bloggers are aware of VOM. Bapak Patrick, may I suggest that the blog name be changed to CITIZEN'S BLOG-2 [like what Ali suggested]. And if there is no proprietory [legal] ownership of blog names, we can just call it CITIZEN'S BLOG.

    By doing this, it is easier for old CB bloggers to link up with us. Just a suggestion - jangan marah ya!

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