Saturday, September 10, 2011

Salam ABU instead of Salam 1 malay sia

Everytime when there the mention of this salam 1 malay sia in any anouncement , my goose pimples will rise and I get irritated as I ponder.... What F*@king 1 malay sia they are talking about when there is so much of obvious discriminations happening around even the blinds can see. Even today , while attending the ceremony of handing over furnitures to the school by our Alumni in my Alma Mater , the MC ends every announcement with the 1 malay sia and that really irritates me. May I suggest that among our circles , we always add in Salam ABU in our greetings , ABU means Anything But um*@ or Asalkan Bukan um*@. God Bless ABU. AnSoN


  1. Yup, I am also getting fed up of hearing this phrase in all the govt-controlled propoganda. "Cakap tak serupa bikin" and yet want to boast to the world that we live in peace and harmony with one another.

  2. You guys do not have to be irrational.

    What they meant was... Salam 1Malaysia to their own kind. There's nothing wrong with that.

    For one thing you already knew... if you (a different kind) greeted them with "Peace be upon you"@Assalamualikum) you won't get no nothing but a stare.

  3. Salam Satu Malaysia everyone.

    Dont let it get you, accept it, use it.

    In your official correspondences in application of anything, start and end with salam 1 Malaysia. your ctitism of the ruling party, with that you will not be seen as an "opposition", but providing feedback as 1 Malaysia.


  4. You're right Sir. Salam Satu Malaysia.

  5. I share the same sentiment as AnSoN. But I also agree with Ali on not to hate it. However I dislike it.

    To me, when the guy who utters it really believe in its spirit, you could feel it. When he just use it because it is an idea and instruction from "above", without the understanding and believe in it, I also feel like vomiting.

    I dislike it because if we use it it seems like we support the fakes. And it restricts the virtue of salam (Islam point of view). Salam is peace, security. To mu understanding, from language point of view, it only restrict the (scope of salam) peace and harmony to only those who embrace or uphold the "1Malaysia" ideology or groups. Similar to dissecting society into race for the "divide and rule" people. Whereas when you utter salam or assalamu'alaikum, it is ultimate peace wish.

    However, taking advice from Ali above, I am changing the perspective: when somebody saying it, I say ameen to the prayers of peaceful 1Malaysia wish, and I were to say it, I would say it in the spirit of wishing we uphold the peace and harmony as we are 1Malaysia all along before it was turned into a brand.

    Salam 1Malaysia.

    But I prefer


  6. I wonder why Mdm Lakshmir isn't showing up.

    My finger is itchy!