Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Last Friday October 28th, I flew off from Surabaya City to Kuala Lumpur and went up to Cameroon Highlands with a buddy and had a jolly good time there. We had strawberry at Holiday Fun Garden, tea at Tea House-Bharat Tea Plantation and at The Lord's Cafe Tanah Rata we had coffee, Cameron tea, Mango Lassi, Cream scones, Cheese cakes, Apple pie and Banana pancake.

Holiday Fun Garden
Contrary to what I believe strawberry isn’t sweet; it’s mouth watering sourish!

Holiday Fun Garden

This guy is crazy! He wanted to choke me to death. Already I had a mouth full but he literally forced fed me with more berries.  

The Lord's Cafe Tanah Rata

Look at me; sourish face! I am still very sore at this guy for force feeding me with strawberry!

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