Saturday, November 05, 2011


PUTRAJAYA: The Government has decided to maintain the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) for students who have started learning them in the language.

Of course this decision is subjective until such time some old man with beard put up another demonstration later. Nevertheless we can rejoice while it last.
It was learned the Tan Sri had to make such changes (again) as a result of his discussions with some Tadika children. When he visited, all the kids were so excited to finally get to meet the dumb @$$'

He began to talk to them and asked them to define the word ''tragedy.''

"Well," one girl replied, "If my mommy ran over my dog, Rover that would be a tragedy!"

Tan Sri smiled at the little girl and said, "No, sayang. That would be an accident! Can anyone give it a try?"

A little boy sitting across the room raised his hand and said, "I know! I know! If our bus driver ran off of a cliff and killed everyone!"

Tan Sri shook his head and said, "Bukan nak. That would be a great loss! No one here knows of a good example of a tragedy?" asked Tan Sri.

A small girl raised her hand and said, "Well, Tan Sri, if you were in your private jet and it was hit by a missile and blown to smithereens, most people would think that that was a tragedy!"

"Very good," said Tan Sri. "And what was your reason for that answer?"

"Well," she said, "It would not be an accident and it sure would not be a great loss!"


  1. Look at those arsehole!

    These people are digging their race into Gua Musang.

  2. hohohohoho....sob.
    can't help but shed a tear or two of sympathy...