Thursday, November 03, 2011

Foreigner... U pay more?

Penang Hill Cable Car

Penang Hill’s new cable car service start Monday, April 25th – The new Penang Hill funicular train service will be opened to the public from April 25. The train will run for charity at RM10 (return ticket) for the first six days until April 30.

From May 1, the return fare for Malaysians will be RM8 for adults (below 55 years) and RM4 for children (aged three to 12). Senior citizens (aged 55 and above) and Malaysian students will enjoy a reduced rate of RM4. For foreigners, the return fare is RM30 (for adults) and RM15 (for children aged three to 12). 

The blue, air-conditioned Swiss-made coaches, capable of ferrying up to 100 passengers at one go, will run every half hour from 6.30am to 9pm daily.”


P.S. Foreigners are charge much more for almost everything else (public utilities and services) in Malay-sia. This is akin to fleecing your guest. To me this is not quite right. If I am elected to Public office I will make a reversal. Give me your vote!


  1. Neh. They can pay. Furthermore, they complain hard too. They will run down you and your country as soon as the flock amongst their feathers.

  2. I agree with you to some extend. The fact of the matter is most countries does not like Malaysia/Malaysian.

  3. oh yes, they do... they love Malaysians.....' MONEY.