Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Have Intentions; Will Travel


  1. Check out the link, read thoroughly and see yourself in it.

    Interesting, very interesting.

  2. Thank you Bro Ali, good article/link. Post more if you'll come across beneficial and informative articles.

  3. The Travel-virus infected my brain when I was in secondary school in the late sixties. Those good old days, travelling means carrying a haversack and hitch-hiking to our destinations - with just five Ringgit in our pocket.

    And since then, I get away from routine every chance I have and go to my favourite places and spend time with my foreign [and local] friends. It is by learning to live their lifestyle that I broaden my mind and look at things from various angles. It is a lesson in life itself - to make friend with a total stranger at first-meet.

    Like what the "Astro" man said .... "I have time!". So make time for travelling and I am sure life will be more meaningful.

    I will share some interesting travel stories and tips as we go along.