Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laughter Is the Best Medicine - 1

Chin Jew Daily reported that MCE president Datuk Seri Dr Cho Soy Lax had praised the Chinese press for their professionalism and fair reporting.
He said this in conjunction to the press announcement of his forthcoming movie “I’m back at the back”. The shooting date was postponed as the production company Kedai Video D-Trio Sdn Bhd has yet to obtain confirmation of the shooting site and nominated heroin from their major sponsor Bee ’N TalentSearch Sdn Bhd.
The think tank of D-Trio would disclose the lists of artist upon return of his trip from London. The movie is expected to cost RM64 million and will be screened in early next year -Chin Jew daily.

In the meantime from Hell Stinky, President Sad ‘ham Hussein said those who disagreed with the Government would be given space to express their views but it must be done without going to the streets or creating trouble.
“If you are still unhappy with the Government, let's square it out in the elections and let the people decide.
“It is my sacred duty as a leader to protect the lives of the people and property.
“I don't want to be the President for one moment if I do not have the support of the people,” he said.
His attempt to contact Pope Benedict did not succeed as there was no interplanetary connection.

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  1. RM64 million for “I’m back at the back”... Oh man this is a lot of money to make a local movie.

    This is a good way to splurge!