Monday, October 03, 2011

Mr Ong should get out of party, says MC@ chief

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MC@ president Datuk Ong should resign from the party since he has no confidence in it, said party president Datuk Seri Dr PornStar.

He should do so if he had political ethics, integrity and dignity, Dr Pornstar said in response to an online portal report quoting Ong as saying that MC@ was on the path to irrelevance

- This is mind ex 'pornstar' is talking about integrity and dignity.....GENG!!!


  1. Ya, i like that,

    in fact, DR Pornstar should have add in one more condition:

    Future party presidents and all party members must be avid porn enthusiasts, otherwise they will not be qualified as members...

    Better still, make it a pre-requisite for any prospect to be a future president...

    Chee-Sin-Low association.....