Sunday, October 09, 2011

Budget 2012: A Mayan Prophecy!?

During the pre-budget campaign, the rakyat were taken to speed of the coming announcement that it would be for us (the rakyat) and we too were expecting major shift. Wondering how in tarnation will the good government ‘jack’ us to reelect them. Unfortunately, with an exception to the retirement age extension (which is history for most developed countries), the Malaysian Budget 2012 sounds more like Mayan prophecies of 2012. Therefore it only confirms the end of age for the ruling party.

On Saturday (8th October ’11) we get to read garbage on major newspapers, page after page. That in the budget, a total of RM232.8 billion was allocated to implement all Government development plans, which include the projects and programs under various plans, claimed on focusing on the "well-being" of the rakyat. It was cold water on hot plate especially for the poor when only a one-off RM 500.00 was allocated - probably one month's groceries. The new budget seems to be the same old $h!t with false gift “for the Rakyat”. Again allocation of billions is more of an opportunity for a select few to squander for another diamond ring, another luxury bungalow, exotic cars and fancy travelling.

In the meantime the government of vision 2020, with 50 plus years of NEP is still deliberating on high cost of living. For urban areas, in blaming the world economy; has proposed “some” relieves like subsidies on some of the basic food items; yet concurrently raised the already rich MP’s allowance. The ruling party must have thought that we are a bunch of imbeciles to believe that this budget is Rakyat centric. Because if PKR, DAP or PAS was in power, they would have long ago subsidized the poor by giving RM 1,000.00 p/home, p/month and give them education and training to get them back on their feet - instead of robbing from them time and time again (May God bless Bersih 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0).

For this I now fully support PAS for HUDUT law. Just like the Pagoh and Pekan Parliament members who had the same shirt, the rest of the officials will be walking without arms and hands, same as each other. And we the Rakyat can applaud their "uniformity".

The Rakyat have also not forgotten the "Petrol Conspiracy". That despite the drop in crude oil prices, the rulling party is still swindling in broad day light.

Therefore, are we to believe that the Budget 2012 is genuinely for the Rakyat? I’m amazed, stunned, dumbfounded how the Mayan’s could have predicted thousands of years ago that such would be the coming of age; were 2012 will mark as the age of changes, the dawn of governments and leaders of broken promises, deception and deceit?


  1. Dear PKR, PR, DAP and PAS. We don’t care which one of you but we plan to give your power to take over Putrajaya. When that happens, can you please teach these goons at BN how to save the country?

    And can we also ask a small favor, can you also please;
    • Shutdown TV3
    • Shutdown Star publications
    • Shutdown NST
    • Reduce or review income tax,
    • Abolish the abundance of Tol plazas,
    • Abolish road tax - but increase traffic summons 5 fold
    • drop fuel prices,
    • Sack the minister of consumer goods
    • Arrest diamond ring thieves,
    • Subsidize each home with RM 200.00 p/month for any green initiatives,
    • Free medical insurance for retirees earning below RM5,000.00,
    • Surrender 100% of our EPF fund upon reaching 50
    • Send the Toyol to prison
    • Confiscated all the money swindled by ministers and give to LHDN

  2. That's a tall order Bro Ali. The power is in my hand...not yours hahahaha!