Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happy family!

It all started when I took a kitten home from a market some time ago.
I was naïve to not even knowing the sex of the cute kitten then. I only realized that it is a she after my wife told me so.

I named my new found pet Mimik. I fed her with chicken head and other body parts, and cat fish occasionally. She grew up fast and she’s very fond of sitting beside the keyboard whenever I am on line. If I did not attend to her she will get anxious and pushes my hand away from the keyboard. So very cute.

One day she went missing. I thought she had been the victim of the neighbor’s dog but she came back after AWOL for a day/night. To my surprise she reappeared at the doorstep as if nothing had happened. After a few weeks I discovered that her belly had gotten bigger by the day. One night stand… it is possible! “I don’t want to feed them!” blurted my wife. My wife doesn’t like animal at all. Oppps I forgot to ask her about her liking of animals and flowers before I signed on the dotted line. It was an oversight and now I had it. No animals in the house.

Mimik gave birth to 4 kittens. To make the story short, Mimik and her 2 other babies were killed by the neighbor’s dog soon after her delivery.  No dead ‘bodies’ were found; as always the neighbor will quickly buried the dead and kept mum about it. Well I do not want to create ‘enemy’ or ruckus out of it either. And today we’re still very much living a good neighbor. 

Time had passed and the 2 kittens, Mimi and Mimik are already grown up, and are inseparable. I had extra mouths to feed and other than the daily trips to the market I also do the cooking and giving the bubbling teenagers their daily bath, cleaning their rooms and keeping watch of the dogs.

Both had gotten married to the same man King Kong! I am very sure about it. I used to see King Kong coming up the roof and gotten into chasing and screaming; the sign of terrible sex-play.
Mimi gave birth to 3, and a week later Mimik had 4. Wow my household has expanded. 9 Cats in total! I had a lot to do. My wife… doesn’t even think of her. She ever shouted at me… ‘You sleep with your children!’

2 of Mimi’s little died of natural causes and also I discovered 2 of Mimik’s babies went missing when I made a head count. I didn’t expect the worst. My God Mimik’s babies died inside the house attic/ceiling. It was after a pungent death aroma filled my rooms that I discovered that there are 2 bloated bodies up there. It cost me Rupiah 50,000.00 (RM18) for the Undertaker’s salary to take the corpses away. It was really a messed up… Other than a broken ceiling to get to the corpses, I almost halved my wife perfume (Anais Anais) to neutralize the smell, and a 24-hours nonstop fanning to blow the smell away.

Now I took great care of all of them; 2 mothers and 3 children. My goodness all of them are a SHE! I don’t think I want to continue becoming a Home Manager for King Kong any longer. Yesterday, my wife had given me a stern ultimatum… Get rid of the CATS fast before our house is full of shits! This I am telling you guys… this time I’ll listen to her. But how hah?

P.S. If you want to keep a pet cat, dog or any animals get a He.

Afternoon nap


  1. After arrival of Mimik, has your business or other part of life became better?

    You may get rid of her descendants, but be prepared to lose some. No curse of bad luck. It's just that their share of living were given to them by God through you. Once you get rid of them, their shares will be parting too.

    But of course, if you can no longer provide what should be provided, it's better to let them go.

  2. In 2003 I was invited by the Buddhist Society (Buddha Maitreya-Vegetarian) from Medan Sumatera Utara, Indonesia to attend the official opening of their biggest temple.

    After the function I was invited to their get-away youth camp at a mountain resort Brastagi. I stayed with them for a week and attended their teaching.

    I became vegetarian (one month only), learned how to greet someone with a bow (Japanese Style) and treat animals humanely.

    I am thinking of giving the cats away to other people after they are big/strong enough. I will give a token sum of cash with each cat given away (Cash & Cat-give away).