Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Best Sweetener for Your Blood Sugar (HINT: It’s Not Stevia!)

You know, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people with blood sugar problems. I want to do that for as many lives as I can.

But sometimes, it can be downright hard. After all... what’s the first thing I tell people they have to quit?
Sugar! Sweet, sweet sugar.

The wonderful, delectable zest in your coffee and tea. The zing from a good, hard candy. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of chocolates.

And up until now, there weren’t a lot of options to satisfy that sweet craving.
Would You Prefer Poison Or A Bitter Aftertaste?

If you wanted a low-cal alternative to tabletop sugar, you really have two choices.
You can use “fake sugars” like aspartame, sucralose and saccharine.

But if you’ve been following my work for any time now, you may already know these “diet sugars” are linked to causing many (and I mean a LOT of) diseases including cancer, heart disease and... ironically, diabetes.

Heck, Aspartame was once a military-grade biochemical weapon for Pete’s sake!

On the other side of the spectrum...
You may have heard of the Stevia plant from South America. It’s 45X sweeter than tabletop sugar in its natural state... and, of course, it’s 100% organic.

Unfortunately, that comes with a “side effect” too!
If you’ve ever tried Truvia, Purevia or any leading stevia brand -- you know there’s a distinct bitter aftertaste. And worst, it lasts for hours after the sweetness is gone.

You would think someone, somewhere would’ve figured out how to get rid of this.
I thought so too. So I recently went into the Healthy Kitchen lab and tried every single Stevia brand in existence. The Results Were Disappointing... I started this project with high hopes.

But after week after week of grimacing, sticking my tongue out and making funny faces at the office...
(That bitter aftertaste really lasts long...)

Frankly, I was about to give up!
That’s when I did a bit more research into the stevia plant. And I discovered the sneaky reason for its bitterness.

You see, the stevia plant has two parts to it: rebaudioside and stevioside.
While both compounds produce the bitter aftertaste, rebaudioside contains the least -- and is barely detectable.

Stevioside, on the other hand, produces a much more bitter taste.

But here’s the catch...
It’s hard work just extracting the good stuff (rebaudioside) from the stevia plant.
To save money (and increase profits), big brand companies simply use the entire plant... And everyone ends up making funny “bitter aftertaste faces” instead. That’s when I went on a mission to create my own brand of sweetener... without the bitter stevioside. Fortunately, I didn’t have to. At the eleventh hour, a friend told me about “Slimtevia”.

Here’s what I love about Slimetiva...
It’s 3X Sweeter And 19% Cheaper
Slimtevia is three times sweeter than sugar (so you use less of it)...
But it’s also more healthful... and can fight weight loss and diabetes.

What’s more...
For a product that only uses the sweetest, most expensive part of the Stevia plant... Slimtevia actually costs 19% cheaper than leading Stevia brands, ounce for ounce!

But you won’t find Slimtevia in your local supermarkets (not yet anyway) -- even the all-natural stores.
The only way to get it is directly through us (which keeps the price low, as there are no distributors involved).

And to prove to you how much I believe in Slimtevia (I’ve been using it for the last few months now)...
I’m going to offer you...
The Slimtevia “Taste-Test” Guarantee
I promise you -- Slimtevia tastes and acts exactly like sugar. And I’m going to make it 100% risk free for you with a simple “taste test”.

Here’s how it’ll work...
When you get Slimtevia in the mail, I want you to get out two small teacups. Then ask someone in your family to put some Slimtevia in one cup, and table sugar in another. (Without you looking)!
Turn around and sample the two cups. If you can taste a difference... ask for a 100% refund! It’s as simple as that. In fact, I’ll even pay the return postage! 

The Search For A Diabetes-Safe “Sugar” Is Over
I know how hard sugar cravings are.
Even when you’ve “been good” for a while, and you’ve “cleaned it out of your system”...
The temptation to have something sweet persists.
Slimtevia will let you do that without taking on any of the risks sugar comes with. 

Jim Healthy
My Healing Kitchen
“Keep Getting Better”

P.S. I received the above in my email.

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