Sunday, January 20, 2013

All About Mamaks

In the run up to the coming 13th General Election, the Mamak has been drawing some attention, not so much plausible but rather distasteful. Embarrassing the subtle and modest majority that mind their own business, serve the people, the country and probably enjoy one or two Tamil movies at their own privacy (when their Malay daughter in law is not around). Nowadays the “Non-Mamak” simply burn inside out whenever a Mamak speak up about Islam, Malay or anything in support of the latter.

Used to be pejorative name in Malaysia, Mamak is simply to describe the India Muslim community. Originally migrated from India, even before Parameswara and settled down in Malaya. Being a Muslim, they mingled well with Malays. They frequent Mosques, attend most religious gatherings and ceremonies, recite hadith and prayers in the same Arabic that they become sort of “brothers & sisters” within the Malay community.

But it didn't stop there. They kept coming, going, coming, and going and coming. Mix marriages was not an issue simply because of the common religion (and having a mix breed in the family - does sound exotic). The Mamak, just like the early Portuguese soon blended with Malays and many born here after 1957 were upgraded to Bumiputra, as long as they remained Muslim. Malay in Malaysia and Indian in India, works well both ways - convenient isn't it?

The non-Malays (and non Mamaks) whom don’t understand (or refuse to) the root issue often take matters out of context when Mamaks appear in politics - defending Malay rights. Actually the Mamaks dont have anything specific damn rights to shout about (exception to arranged marriages) because the Mamak and Malay fights for the same course as defined through a common religion. Just like the Christians; whether you are Indian, Chinese, American, Israeli or African - when comes to Islam bashing; birds of a feather flock together. After 100 years or so, there is really nothing of India Muslim have to go back to. Go where? Islam was/is their only way of life and got along very well with the Malays, as good as being a Malay (yeah sometimes DKK runs deep). But fighting for the other social and political rights remains a common goal with any race and not only Malay or Barisan Nasional. Take yours truly for example, is amongst thousands of Mamaks in support of "ABU" and fully aware of the deception and deceit stirred up by the ruling Government.  

Still there is a necessity to explore and defragment the various colour of Mamaks in Malaysia. The way I figured, there are at least 5 types of Mamaks. Each having unique belief-system, objective and due course, very often misunderstood by the general public. E.g. the Penang Mamak becomes a target when imbeciles like Ghani Komtar and Redzuad Azudin terrorized Lim Guan Eng and/or DAP. Although we know who is funding them, they continue to misinterpret themselves. This two specie (Ghani & Redzuad) are completely different from Mamak Penang.

To understand the diversity, I break up the Mamaks into 5 main types. Do not however associate Bangla’s with Mamaks, they are different basket of fruits. The 5 types of Mamak are;

·         Type 1                   Mamak Tongkang
·         Type 2                   Mamak Penang
·         Type 3                   Pure Mamak
·         Type 4                   Mamak @ Melayu Celup
·         Type 5                   Mamak Celup

Mamak Tongkang (Type 1)

Now these are the type that …just arrived from mainland as merchants and/or here to earn a quick buck. Either to marry off their sisters or settle some debts back home. They are usually here on visit VISA and often overstay, work in retail outlets and restaurants. No their physical condition is not designed for construction work, where anyone with minimum training can spot one from a mile away. The number 786 has a significant influence in their success.

Mamak Penang (Type 2)

They look like Indians but they know the darnest thing about Indians. As a 3rd graded Mamak myself I’m telling, you can point a gun on their head to speak in Tamil and they won’t. Because they honestly don’t know. Migrated and settled down in Penang long before Parameswara was born. They are 99% Malay, close enough to pass as Penang aborigine, seriously. The number 786 has no bloody meaning at all to Type 2.

Today they hold various profession from fishing to top positions in corporate and politics. When they shout “Hidup Melayu”, please do not mess with them, they mean it.

Pure Mamak (Type 3)

But what about the Ghani Komtar gang, the Mamak gang and Redzuad Azudin? Well they are not pure, drop-outs of Mamak Tongkang where they can’t go back marooned in Malaysia. To blend with the locals, they often perform certain rituals to be accepted by whom is holding the banana. Never associate them with any of the types here. They still hold on to that number.

The Pure Mamak aka 3rd Graded Mamak however is the ones we are looking for. FYI that’s where I recite J. The population of these 3rd Graded outnumbers all the rests. We usually run larger piece of business like …Supermarkets, Wholesale Stationery's, hold top positions in some high profile corporates, governments and even politics, some into sports and some become artists. We are usually very liberal, neutral, modern, supportive, compassionate, in fact very compassionate, actually overly compassionate sometimes like when we burn RM 500.00 to nurse the injured cat  found by the road side but can’t afford to buy a burger for our daughter … you know what I mean?

Still they have some association with the number 786. Only when the ratio of mix marriage reaches 1:1 do we get to graduate to become an Advanced Mamak or Melayu Celup and drop the number as if we don’t know what it meant.

Advanced Mamak @ Melayu Celup (Type 4)

Ok, this group has so many mix marriages in the tree that you sometimes can’t tell a difference if they are Indian, European, Pakistani or Malay. Though mostly from the 3rd Graded colony, they have graduated well and have an ability of a Chameleon to change colour, character, ideology depending on what motivates them. If they are lucky they will look like Ahmad MericanSheik Hussein Mydin or Zambry Kadircarrying the Mamak trade mark glaringly. But if they are unlucky they will look like the controversial Sharifah Zobra or Mahathir Mohamed. Let me give you a secret, any names that ends with Kadir, Mydin, Merican, Pakir, Jabeen, Shaik, Mubarakh, Mohammad (no reference to the Prophet Mohamed S.A.W.are downright, flat out, no doubt, true blue Mamak Tongkang or the immediate descendant's.

Yet without a feeling of a slightest remorse… at all, they will go up the stage, stand in front of thousands of Chinese and Indians and shout “Hidup Melayu”. Did you all notice how Malay he is? And Barisan Nasional simply love imbeciles like this to do the barking on their behalf.

Mamak Celup (Type 5)

Yes there is also Mamak Celup. Usually called “Saudara Baru” whom converted for marriage of maybe to get some “projects” from BN. One such example I suspect is Mohd Ridzuan Abdullahfrom IKHLAS and the up and coming Klang MP Kamalanathan, TDM’s new pet dog Ramesh Rao and Barisan Bersatu Tembikei’s Kalaivanar. I’m not sure about Ibrahim Ali because he could be an Indonesian. Mamak Celup will display 786 anywhere and everywhere with the slightest clue what it means.

Nevertheless, Mamaks from Type 2 and above and Portuguese are the only two race after Malay who can speak Bahasa fluently. Majority can also speak and write good English, half of them can speak Tamil and some of them can speak Mandarin.

One of reason for Mamaks and Portuguese’s to be able to speak Bahasa so well is simply because they want to and they are closest or longest with the Malay culture. Which so happens to be the second reason after a common religion and mixed marriages that Mamaks are close with Malays. 

Mass “burial” of Barisan Nasional

If Ali Cordoba is a Mamak, then I can take only 30% of his rational that Mamak will swing sides to BN this coming GE (“Will the Indian Muslim wish come true?” - FMT News). Otherwise his opinion is probably true amongst the small, limited population KIMMA.

No matter how we the Mamak carry ourselves, we never forgot how we came about and the fundamental reasons. Our forefathers traversed the world for survival. Colonizing a community most suitable for the environment, where number one criteria of survival was there is a Mosque, food and an opportunity to turn resources into service to make a living. Climate, politics and colour of the skin, language did not matter at all. The Mamaks did not evolve only from running Grocery Stores but geographically in Religion, Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Pass 100 years, each generations of their offspring lived ten times better than the earlier. We are ten times better than our fathers and it is their wish that our children live ten times better than us and so on. Our core objective is survival, create and enjoy creation. Enjoy life on earth, provide for our community and serve others unconditionally, that’s the difference in Mamak mercenaries.

Never did our forefathers procured politics, military or anything that cause harm. They did not expect us to join UMNO/BN to procure false ideology, loot from the poor and live a virtual successful life at the expense of the ‘rakyat’.

Our fundamental job and responsibility remains that we provide a better life for our children and our children’s children. We work hard, fight for better education for them, best medical service, prepare them for best carrier, help them find the matching partner that resonate with our forefather’s aspirations – to survive, love, create joy and abundance from the god created earth.

So, what exactly are you doing politicking in UMNO/Barisan Nasional? Within my community, rumours are spinning fast (in Malaysia), amongst every type circle of Indian Muslim community are actually gearing for a mass “burial” of Barisan Nasional - where about 70% are aware of the many deception and deceits of UMNO/BN. Yes there are a small but loud die-hard BN supporters whom wish to keep the wealth and position handed to them by their former master sirs in BN.

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say Ali Cordoba, UMNO and Barisan Nasional have under estimated our intelligence. The world is not created for Governments to control. We know the current cabals whom are although just about 1% of the population is controlling the 99% to loot the wealth and to continue using us as money producing machines.

Today we have to pay to live on the very planet that we were born on to. Who was it that made it compulsory law that we should go to school, get a job, pay tax to the Politicians? Our offspring’s today are destined to settle debts that is waiting twenty years ahead. We now have to ensure, fight – just like the politicians, incur more  to ensure our children will grow up capable of serving the politician's desires.

‘Mamak Bangkit!’

Therefore, the Mamak’s and the world population has awakened from deep slumber. The world continues to move forward toward the day chosen by Heaven for manifesting our new reality. Global awareness seems to magically resonate into the super conscious mind of every beings.

As all these dramas play out, our world appears on the surface to muddle along as before. Yet UMNO/BN knows that this charade is nearly over. The Pakatan Rakyat new governance is in place, ready to assume authority - and we are going to give it to them. The changeover will start with a series of announcements that are sure to astound most of us. Then the new financial reality will bring a huge sigh of relief to each of us, as freedom from want and anxiety allows us to move into joy and abundance. UMNO/BN and their cronies have used this double-standard system to hammer the masses and force them to do their bidding. Now all of this is to be removed and a level playing field will be replaced the unjust that has tormented us for so long. Moreover, governance more to your liking is beginning to 'call this new tune.' But do bear in mind that these improvements in a circumstances merely herald much greater changes to come, including ... some surprising disclosures.

Having explored that, in my opinion a Mamak of any type is still a Mamak, bloodline imported from India and have settled down as Malaysians. Let’s not get into where Mahathir came from, we will leave that to the historians, theologians or archaeologists to decipher (after the GE13).

Generally the Mamaks are just like every other race where majority are piece loving people, spiritual, compassionate and family oriented. Our awareness changes everything. Our sense of global identity is based on the fact of being unique in the world. We well no stoop to UMNO/BN level as we are far greater than that.

Bangkit Bangkit!

Bangkit Rakyat!

Bangkit Bangkit! 

Bangkit Mamak!


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