Sunday, February 12, 2012


I posted an article on my blog, ‘2012: AN ASCENTION TO A EXTRATERESTRIAL MIND’. A reader responded with some information and I searched around and find it interesting shit.

Every country with large Naval fleet are in the Gulf of Aden right now as I posted this including our Royal Malaysian Navy. The cover story is that there is an uprising or soon to be uprising and major cargo vessels in these waters risk being hijacked by Somalia and/or Taliban terrorists.

Apparently when I followed through Uber’s claim, a whistle blower named Aron McCollum, ex U.S. Army had exposed his role in the army the US and major countries are messing with what seems like a Stargate off the coast of Yemen. In the middle of 1998, it seems there was vortex of sea water seen about 100 km off a coastal town called Jil’Ah, Yemen. The vortex had somehow affected the ocean’s natural conveyor belt (the cyclic flow of warm and cold water around the globe), causing rapid ice melting, climate change and earthquakes. The vortex which stopped shortly after, started again with more intensity on 5th Jan of 2011.

Uber added that “earlier in May 2010, a crop circle appeared in England. Google “Wilton Windmill Crop Circle”. It caught the attention of retired American astrophysicist Mike Reed when he saw it in a national newspaper. He was struck by its shape and eventually concluded that it was a coded image representing the first ten digits of Pi (3.141592654), a conclusion declared to be a “seminal event. An event where are new form of communication/consciousness will appear".  

"A Crop Circle enthusiast found the same pattern about 1.6 kilometer south east of a town called Bir’Ali, Yemen (again). Please Google Earth and Fly to: 4 00' 51.58 N, 48 21' 23.09 E where you will find the exact formation about 35 meter across”.

Uber wrote “Only this is not just a formation, it’s the key itself. Similar strange disc was found submerged under water at 20 25’ 28.09 N, 136 04’ 38.35 E which is protected by Japan. You will also find heavy naval security over what seems like 3 rows of rock formation”, a landmark or sorts for the ET.

OK, not everything we read on the internet must be true. But likewise not everything posted are false either. Having note that many Governments are keen in shutting down YouTube and Facebook, more the reason to suspect there is something admist, right?

I Google earth the given grid and admit did find it interesting. Note that on my second attempt, the given grids did not take me to the exact location. Therefore, I posted a print screen of the locations above. Also on Google Earth, try 14 01’ 25.94 N, 48 07’ 21.12


  1. Update.

    I have checked out the three rock formation off coast of Jil’Ah. It was not there before 2003. Meaning it was built only after that. It seems like just rocks. Based on the shore line bulge and the site of the ships there, about 35 feet long - I don’t think they are Navy ships, these are fishing boats. The rock formation which is placed near some village suggests they serve as a levy or jetty to break the waves. So that their boats can dock and unload their catch. That seems more logical as there are no signs of military activity. About 10 kilometers west however there has been a new western community been developed. Hotels/apartments with swimming pool. Looks like to house foreigners from a new oil refinery or retrieval work. There is an oil tanker docked as well with 4 large tanks. This suggests oil recovery work and not military.
    The other two radial formations however still puzzle. It could be an abandoned drilling platform. Like a plug of something to stop access oil to leak back into the ocean.

  2. Crop circles appeared in several places (rice fields) in Indonesia last year. It's a very interesting phenomenon... and no one has yet found who does it.

  3. Patrick bro. Update. I just found out I did those crop circles in my sleep. How I flew there, ask Tony fernandez. It's cheap. Any soul can fly.