Thursday, January 26, 2012

Enter the ‘Emperor of Indonesia’

A Tanjung Malim-born Dutch citizen claims he is a descendent of the Emperor of China and that his bloodline is linked to royal families in India, Java and Siam.
IT is not every day that you get to meet a trillionaire. So when I was invited to interview Kamal Ashnawi, a person I've never heard of, I said yes.
On Saturday morning, at a Kuala Lumpur hotel coffee house together with two of Kamal's aides, I waited for the so-called trillionaire.
Wearing a baseball cap, long-sleeved shirt and jeans, he sauntered over to our table. The two aides bowed, pressed their palms together to their forehead as if greeting royalty and kissed his hands.
“We call him Tuanku as he is a sultan from Indonesia,” one of the aides whispered to me.

Sourced: The Star

- lol.......the best story of 2012


  1. Wow! What an interesting declaration. He owns 86.7% of the world's money.

    I hope he wont commit suicide this March when IMF kick his @$$ out.

  2. He is obviously self-delusional and probably believes what he says. Psychiatric evaluation could help him.

  3. I am a descendant of Cleopatra.

  4. Dang ! I nearly fellow off my bed reading this. Have to change to a 'king' size bed. While having more 'bed-estate' to roll on, can also declare myself as 'King' at the same time.